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XR Utah

The XR Utah steering committee is an interdisciplinary research partnership headed by Eccles Health Sciences Library at the University of Utah. The partnership is devoted to building common infrastructure for information sharing, tech development and data collection by bringing together computer scientists, psychologists, educators, artists and more across more than 16 departments at the University of Utah to conduct cutting-edge research in fostering new ways of learning and discovery through the use of innovative forms of virtual reality technologies that span across disciplines.


School of Dentistry Virtual Reality Projects

This digitally augmented learning strategy in implant dentistry allows dental schools to drastically lower educational costs and time spent learning. Dentistry is characteristically a hands-on skill, and VR allows for continuous tracking of hand movements with sub-millimeter accuracy of hand movement during practical learning.

Mark Durham at the School of Dentistry is incorporating the exciting world of virtual and augmented realities into teaching and researches their impact on learning and making better humans. Learn More

Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation
College of Health

Our team has developed a one-of-a-kind virtual reality (VR) paradigm with the Virtual Reality Lab that effectively manipulates mobility-related anxiety while maintaining participant safety in the real world. We build on this paradigm in the proposed study by expanding the VR program to probe adaptive and reactive features of gait. To learn more, please contact Tiphanie Raffegeau

Marriott Library

Marriott Library VR

The Marriott Library has a VR classroom (room 1009), multiple VR workstations in ProtoSpace (Level 2), VR Lab (ProtoSpace, Level 2), and VR equipment kits for checkout at the Knowledge Commons desk (Level 2). The VR classroom, workstations, and lab are equipped with head-mounted displays (HMD) and base stations which to provide tracking for room-scale experiences. Explore further at lib.utah.edu/services/virtual-reality/ or send an Email

claw of an Allosaurus fragilis

College of Education

In collaboration with the Natural History Museum of Utah, our team studies student interactions with virtual and tangible 3D models of dinosaur fossils in K-12 STEM classrooms. This work will result in real-time, automated assessments of student understanding by modeling the spatial-temporal characteristics of movements that are indicative of their function, such as how students relate the claw of an Allosaurus fragilis to a carnivorous dinosaur and replicate its movement.

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